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Some of the dirtiest places in the kitchen

Have you ever thought about all of the knobs and handles that are in a kitchen? They are on the stove, oven, refrigerator, cabinets, microwave even the hot and cold water knobs on your sink. Now think about how many times you have cooked and used all of those same knobs/handles. Can you just imagine the bacteria that is built up on all of those knobs? Using a disinfectant wipe daily after use will help to cut back on that bacteria.

What is on those counter tops? Did you just take your purse or backpack off of that counter? Grab some disinfectant wipes before preparing food in those areas. And clean under small appliances at least once a week.

Just because the kitchen sink has water running in it a lot, does not mean there is no bacteria lurking in the crevices and sticking around were the sink and counter meet. The sink needs to be cleaned and wiped after every meal prep. Including those knobs that turn the water on and off. And because the counter around the sink gets all the splatter from the water, this area also needs to be cleaned.

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