Out With The Old

I believe it is time for brooms and dust mops as well as swifter sweepers to become extinct. Have you ever swept a floor and watched as all the dirt and dust fly around throughout the house you just finished cleaning? Do you continue to use a broom while you find it to be a battle to pick up animal hair on your kitchen floor? I do know, there are a lot of people who still use a dust mop and a swifter sweeper on the their hardwood floors, even if they have animals. I don't know about you but using any of these items to clean not only kills my back but I find it to be frustrating. Especially if there is animal hair throughout the house. Now why continue to clean with a broom or dust mop/swifter if it only gets up about 70% of the dirt. That would not satisfy me and definitely not my client. Lets say you mop afterwards, can you not see the dirt or hair beneath the water suds on the floor? Then there is 20% of the dirt that went airborne and settled in the other rooms. These cleaning items just do not get the job done right. We are now in the year 2019 and almost in 2020, we are living in the century of inventions. So why aren't these items extinct yet?

Personally I would cleaning with a vacuum, any type of vacuum. A shop vacuum very well on hardwood and tile flooring. If you do not own one then just a regular vacuum will do just as good. Why keep pushing dirt with a broom or dust mop when you can just suck it up with a vacuum? I guess people assumed vacuums are only to be used on carpet. Well, I beg to differ, I use a regular type vacuum all throughout my house. It works wonders in my kitchen and bathroom tile flooring. It is also less time consuming with less physical work. I don't have to stop and switch what I am doing, I just vacuum the entire house while I using the hose to get around the corners. When cleaning a clients house, I am sure to use a shop vacuum. Not only do I get rid of 99% of the dirt and hair but I get all the spider webs throughout. I do believe this is a reason why my clients love our technique and style of cleaning, for that matter.

Then there is dusting or polishing furniture. How many times have I wiped a table down and watched as half of it flew up in the air, again, only to land right back down on the surface I had just cleaned. This can be truly frustrating, especially to someone with OCD, ugh right! Okay, I have to be totally honest with you. No I have not yet found a way to master dusting but you will be the first to know if and when I do. It's not like I can vacuum a table or shelf. However, I have tried vacuuming the dust as it would flies in the air. I would suction the air hoping to get all of the mites before it landed. The only thing I can think of to do is wipe all the surfaces down first thing with a damp microfiber cloth as well as dry with another. You must do this before I start any other cleaning. This gives time for any extra dust to settle. Then after, when all the other cleaning is done, go back and dust with a polish. I would prefer using a microfiber cloth as well. My partner hates them for some reason but they do collect and hold dust better than a rag which just leaves a residue behind.

I am going to mention one more thing before I go. You would think, with all the newer technologies there are out there today that there would be a more updated way to dust. A way in which no dust will get away . We may not be able to expand our minds this far yet but one can only

imagine what will take place of the vacuum? Like I said earlier, we are almost in the year 2020 and already turned a new century. What is in the future for cleaning? Hopefully all of us can start to swap ideas and come up with something of our own.


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