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Important places you should organize in your home.

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Start under your kitchen sink. That dark area that always seems to get more and more junk added to it. Let's start by tossing out all of those old plastic bags that a lot of people like to keep under there. Then get rid of any old cleaning products that are never used. Maybe add some hooks on the back of the cabinet doors to keep your towels.

Have you looked your medicine cabinet lately? It's time to clean out and toss any old medicines that are expired as well as any old toiletries that are lingering. After you have cleaned it out, you can use some storage solutions to keep it clean.

How about that overstuffed linen closet? Time to get rid of those old worn out sheets and super thin towels with the holes. You can donate them to an animal rescue shelter to keep those animals warm and comfortable while they await their forever homes. You should only keep 2 bedsheets per bed or 3 for a small child. Keep 2 sets of bath towels per person, a beach towel for each person and that is it.

Let clean up those cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are supposed to help you clean your home, not add to its clutter. Gather all of your cleaning supplies and get rid of that old pet stain remover since you lost your pet over a year ago. And anything that is lived out its use. Wipe the dust off all the remaining bottles and organize them in a caddy.

Now let's take a look at the junk drawer. Everyone has one or two of these in their homes. We don't want to get rid of the junk drawer, we just want to make it easier to find what we are looking for. So lets clean it up a bit. Throw out all the trash, like broken items, old receipts, and other trash that has been thrown in there. Electronics or chargers you don't use anymore. Now your are going to want to organize what is left by using a drawer organizer.

Junk Drawers


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