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Cleaning out that Closet

When you can't seem to find anything in your closet, it is time to clean it out. If you feel a little overwhelmed, that is ok and very normal. You need to begin by taking clothes out of the closet and make different piles. One for the trash bin, one to donate, and one you want to keep. Now if you have not wore any of these clothes in 6 months or more, you will NEVER wear them again. Get rid of them. I know you are on a diet and getting ready to lose those unwanted pounds you gained when you quit smoking. And you will be able to fit in all of those awesome clothes you bought last year. Who are you trying to kid here? If you do lose that weight you are going to feel so good about it, you will be purchasing yourself some new duds. So get rid of all of the unwanted unused clothes and shoes in that closet. You will feel so much better when you have room, and you can finally find the clothes that you DO wear.

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