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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

How can #Ladyfreshners save on cost for their #cleaning business? There are many different ways one can save money for a business that believe it or not most people may not know about. It seems as though simple ways to save are getting lost in time while one feels the need to spend more money on a product that is harmless but in all reality the product is as simple as what our grandparents used when cleaning their homes.

Take vinegar for instance, the only brand of chemicals that sells a product with just vinegar and water, is the Murphey,s Home Safe at which they sell for double the price of any other chemical. All you really have to do is buy a big bottle of vinegar for less than $2.00 and mix with water. Basically the less a chemical has in it the more expensive it is so why pay the extra money.

One can use vinegar and water on all different types of surfaces such as glass, marble, granite, copper and windows. Sure there are plenty more surfaces you can clean with vinegar but you get my point. All I am saying is it's like the consumer wants you to think you are getting some type of newly engineered chemical that is safe for your home and for that they want you to pay even more then all the other brands just by simplifying the product. I don't want my generation and the generations to follow to lose

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

and waste money when it is not needed.


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